Meet the Canons!


    In the United States of America, this cute aw-shucks couple is Cara and Jeffrey T. Canon. She's a neighborhood gal and he's a good ole boy with a soft spot for the St. Louis Cardinals. Together they founded a hard-working company called ProEnergy. They're good, God-fearing, tax-paying Americans... Translation: these two parasites are what people would call "white trash". They've enriched themselves beyond measure helping Derwick Associates bolichicos cash in on Venezuela's power emergency. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen in the process. The day a semblance of democracy and rule of law returns to Venezuela, these two should be the first names in an international asset tracing drive and lawsuits to recover stolen public funds. The Canons have an office in Caracas and are Derwick Associates main partners since 2009.


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