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    Meet the Canons!


    In the United States of America, this cute aw-shucks couple is Cara and Jeffrey T. Canon. She's a neighborhood gal and he's a good ole boy with a soft spot for the St. Louis Cardinals. Together they founded a hard-working company called ProEnergy. They're good, God-fearing, tax-paying Americans...

    The Twelve Steps To Become a Venezuelan Boligarch


    Venezuelan has few billionaires but thousands of "pantalleros" who want to behave, if only for one evening, like a member of the monied class. This guide is not for those people. This guide is for those who have a shot at earning (looting more likely) $100M+ in liquid form. The advice below is the product of many years of experience observing the most devious and brightest of Venezuela's rich--who behave like global billionaires, or Boligarchs, as the new class that's emerged since Hugo Chavez launched his “Bolivarian revolution” is called.