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This site aims to shed light on corruption in the developing world, not just the odd embezzlement case of a few thousands, but of billions of dollars. To carry out such work, and trace white collar crooks across many jurisdictions, in different languages, access to information is required. Sometimes, especially when it comes to cases that touch developed countries, this can simply be paying a fee to access a database. However, when investigating corruption in the developing world, where databases are scant or simply non existent, it takes leg work. It takes real people, going to registries and physically checking folders and files.

We are very effective at what we do, so much so that this is the only site dealing with corruption and written in English that has been censored by CANTV, Venezuela's State-owned telecom conglomerate (link).

This site's editor is quite possibly the only investigative blogger from Venezuela to have been targeted by chavismo in an international operation (link).

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