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Impeach! Fusion GPS & its clients...

Dear American friends, quite a lot has happened since Fusion GPS' most famous piece of "opposition research" was successfully "leaked" to the media. Imagine, just in the last few days, the DoJ issued -yet another- indictment ($1.2 billion money laundering scheme) on Venezuelan gargantuan corruption. Involved folk have already been arrested, pleaded guilty and everything. I hear you saying "what the hell does that gotta do with Fusion GPS, or Trump, or American politics?"

And you might be right. Only relevant point is that that scandal was orchestrated, always according to DoJ fellas, by Francisco Convit. I am absolutely convinced you have never heard the name, so I will give some clues:

  • Perkins Coie = Francisco Convit
  • Washington Free Beacon = Francisco Convit
  • Baker Hostetler = Francisco Convit

Got it?

Perkins Coie, Natalia Veselnitskaya, Baker Hostetler... are all clients of Fusion GPS, just like Francisco Convit!

So how is this related to you? Well, it provides another exhibit of the kind of "work" Fusion GPS does, and its media apparatchiks keep from view. Convit is a top associate of a criminal gang known as Derwick Associates. Derwick is pretty much at the center of some of Venezuela's largest corruption schemes.

Again, you may think "what do we care about some distant banana republic?" And you could still be right. But the fact that nobody in America seems to be able to join the dots, between large scale corruption in the U.S. and its counterpart in Venezuela, is precisely the point here.

Just know that the advancement of criminality is, basically, what underpins Fusion GPS "work", from apologising for Russia's torture and assassination of Sergei Magnitsky, to defending fraudster Elizabeth Holmes and smearing those of us exposing thugs like Francisco Convit. Think about it, everytime someone argues that Fusion GPS tried to save America from Trump.

Trump may well be all kinds of things, including utterly corrupt. Just don't accept / present enablers of organized crime as the alternative.

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