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U.S. Justice Department puts Francisco Convit in fugitive status

Little to add to document 47 in docket of criminal case no. 18-20685 (see below) related to United States of America v Francisco Convit Guruceaga, one of the principals of a criminal gang known as Derwick Associates. Convit, who stays quite the free man in Venezuela protected by that country's Supreme Court Chief (Maikel Moreno), has been declared a fugitive in relation to a $1.2 billion money laundering case. That, however, isn't the only bit of corruption in which Convit and his Derwick partners are involved. It is a typical when-not-if argument that Conspirator 2 in case referred (Alejandro Betancourt), is also going to be put in such condition, as should Conspirator 7 (Raul Gorrin). The world shrinks quite dramaticaly in size when running from American Justice...

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