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Another exhibit of the typical improvisation characteristic of chavismo, Venezuela was treated yesterday to a show, attended by the top officials of the country, to 'inform about a plan', purportedly hatched via email between 5 people, to 'assassinate' President Nicolas Maduro. Trouble is, the document about the 'plan' that the Venezuelan government has published and is distributing, was created after announcement about the 'plan' was made.

It would be an exercise in futility to engage chavismo's arguments in this respect.

Firstly, all the 'evidence' was acquired by hacking into personal emails and communications of a group of individuals, which in most countries of the world are private. 

Secondly, the 'evidence' presented does not contain a single shred of real evidence.

Thirdly, the fact that Venezuela's: 1) First Lady, 2) President of Congress, 3) Minister of Energy-President of PDVSA-Vice President of Economics, 4) Vice President, 5) Minister of Information and Communications, 6) Minister of Interior and Defence, 7) Governor of Aragua State, and 8) Mayor of Caracas, sat for over one hour in a press conference, to fabricate accusations making use of illegally obtained communications between private Venezuelan citizens, violating due process and current legislation, demonstrate, beyond the shadow of a doubt, not only that hacking is a State policy in Venezuela, but that the country's highest authorities have no qualms whatsoever in subjecting the population to systematic use of illegal surveillance in their attempt to remain in power. Such illegal actions forfeit whatever credibility their 'evidence' may contain.