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Gregory Wilpert's full disclosure

So finally, after having hidden it for years, until information published in this blog was picked up by the New York Times, Gregory Wilpert of Venezuelanalysis is signing his opinion pieces with the following disclosure:

Full disclosure: Gregory Wilpert has been married to Carol Delgado since 1998, who since 2008 is the Consul General of Venezuela in New York.

Well, I must congratulate Greg. Though I do not remember having ever read, until today, such candid admission on his part about marital connections to the Chavez regime -which came public only after I revealed them following a tip from a friend in New York, it is a welcome departure from previous dishonest stance, of his being this scholar that was simply "studying" the chavista revolution, and happened to write articles about it.

We now know that Wilpert married his chavista wife in 1998, the year Chavez won his first presidential election. So why did it took Wilpert 14 years to disclose his connections? Will it take him another 14 years to admit he's nothing but a propagandist on Chavez's payroll? Will it take him another 14 years to admit that his opinions -as husband of a chavista diplomat and benefitting from Chavez's largesse- are totally biased and anything but objective?