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List of useful idiots apologising for Chavez in frank decline

Readers of this blog will surely remember the exchanges I have had with Noam Chomsky in the past. The 'world's foremost intellectual' came out of his cave with a letter, published in the newspaper he accused recently of "extremely dishonesty", read The Guardian.

How utterly unhinged Chomsky and his fellow apologists of chavista totalitarianism have to be, to request publication of a letter, based on  unsubstantiated propaganda, in the very media they all dismissed as "dishonest"? The encouraging news is to see that the list of personalities imbeciles decrying 'human rights abuses' in Venezuela is shrinking: taking out known propagandists on Chavez's payroll (Hat tip NYT), they could hardly get over 20 signatures.

UPDATE: while rather uncommon of me to be linking to, here's a very Rob Marchant, about how dictatorial thugs like Chavez manage to get support from the most radical fringes of the Left. Fortunately that fringe of fanatics is ever more irrelevant, and is seeing as such. Is it any wonder that none of Chavez's 'political parties' has ever been admitted to the International Socialist?