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ETA killer de Juana Chaos located hiding in Venezuela

Iñaki de Juana Chaos, the ETA killer who jumped bail in Ireland and disappeared, is apparently living in Venezuela, with his partner, according to news published in Spanish media. De Juana Chaos served 21 years in prison in Spain for having murdered 25 people. Venezuela has become a sanctuary of ETA terrorists, some of whom, like Arturo Cubillas, have been naturalised by the Hugo Chavez regime, and hold high office jobs in his administration. Therefore, it is no surprise that de Juana Chaos has been located -by Colombian and Spanish intelligence agents- in Venezuela, where he arrived, according to sources, through Cuba. Hugo Chavez is yet to enforce arrest warrants -Cubillas is married to Venezuelan Goizeder Odriozola, a once personal secretary of Hugo Chavez, now trusted advisor of Elias Jaua, Vice President of that country.