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Leader of Hezbollah Venezuela exposes electoral roll flaws

I'm reading a book about an alleged infiltration into the world of transnational terrorism by an undercover Spanish journalist that goes by the name of Antonio Salas. While I am not prepared to take everything written by Salas at face value, there's an undeniable wealth of information in the book that allows anyone with a modicum of interest to follow leads.

Case in point: Teodoro Rafael Darnott, purported leader of Hezbollah Venezuela. I posted an article about Hezbollah Venezuela written by Gustavo Coronel, in September 2006. Around that time, Salas was meant to be in Venezuela, and got to meet Teodoro Rafael Darnott. But what interested me about this particular individual was the date of birth, published by Salas in the book. So I got to do a bit of research, on Venezuela's electoral roll. Below my findings:

As it turns out, Teodoro Rafael Darnott has two IDs, with the same name:

1- V-2794517
DOB: 11/12/1946 (allowed to vote).

2- V-5558381
DOB: 18/04/1955 (as noted in Salas' book, not allowed to vote).

So the question is: how many such flaws could there be in an electoral roll that has not been properly audited by independent parties? Mind, if an individual can have two entries in the roll with the same name, who can guarantee that electoral results in Venezuela are free and fair?