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Open letter to Larry Rohter re Oliver Stone

Dear Larry,

Your article about Hugo Chavez's latest propaganda film by Oliver Stone & co. has so nailed it, that a chorus of apologists -paid and otherwise- of the Venezuelan Supreme Leader, are foaming at the mouth, and have come out of their barracks to 'dispute' your views. Expect further 'clarifications' from Noam Chomsky et academics for totalitarianism, and, from the people in this list. Be confident that as soon as some 'evidence of US imperialism' is presented to Venezuela's elected and appointed authorities, the very Eva Golinger will publish yet another point by point 'rebuttal' in her officially funded Correo del Orinoco. Maybe even Ken Livingstone will write something for the Morning Star. That will, in chavista land, settle the score and forever discredit you and the New York Times. They'll write thousands of words, but will never address the points every sensible person and institution is raising about Chavez galloping fascism.

As a Venezuelan following the politics of my country, much before the Stones, Weisbrots, and Wilperts of this world knew the existence of Pequeña Venecia, I can only say a big thanks for taking these harmful imbeciles to task. Mind you these are the kind of people who are yet to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the association of a democratically elected president, Chavez that is, with the leaders of America's longest and most brutal dictatorship. They are, as a matter of fact, infatuated with Fidel Castro. These fundamentalists have gone so far into the deep end, that no report containing even the slightest hint of criticism is credible, or indeed acceptable. For some people believe in god, others in Allah: this lot believes blindly in whatever Chavez tells them to.

So kudos on a job well done. Next time you speak to Stone, Ali, Weisbrot, etc., do ask them who funded the film, and the trips around LatAm, and the visits to Venezuela, and the promotional tours, and the websites where they publish their bullshit. Ask them about their credentials, their relationship with the government of Venezuela, in fact ask whether they would be willing to demonstrate that they are not on the take by showing their tax returns. I am confident they'll carry on accusing you, rather than proving you wrong.

With best wishes,
Alek Boyd