Marcel Granier denounces Chavez - Cisneros alliance

Seasoned observers of the dictatorial assault that Hugo Chavez has conducted in Venezuela will remember the encounter, brokered by Jimmy Carter, that Gustavo Cisneros had once upon a time with Chavez. Long time ago we were alerted about the possible consequences of such an unholy alliance, between the dictator and a man who epitomises unrestrained capitalism, something which the Venezuelan madman says will destroy the planet.

By way of exemplification, Marcel Granier, CEO of RCTV -Venezuela's TV network with the largest audience whose broadcasting license was illegally removed- denounced yesterday that Chavez's latest caprice, forcing international TV channels accessible by cable/subscription only to broadcast his endless talk-a-thons, is actually seeking to benefit his old time partner Cisneros, whose network Venevision stands to gain market share in the cable business from the unlawful measure. So what else is new, in 21st century socialist Venezuela? It certainly looks an awful lot like its 20th century capitalistic and mercantilistic predecessor.