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Crowdflower suspends Clean Perception's astroturfing

On the back of my alert to Matt Cutts and Google's subsequent decision to eliminate bogus results from searches related to Venezuelan criminals, now Crowdflower, the microtasking crowdsourcing platform, has eliminated all astroturfing tasks created by Clean Perception, the "online reputation management" company owned by RaFa the hacker. Tasks were suspended for operating outside Crowdflower's terms of service. Recently, Twitter also suspended an account almost certainly created by RaFa to impersonate me. RaFa seems to be resenting the fact that I am shedding plenty of sunlight on his dodgy operation and services to the very worse Venezuelan criminals and Boligarchs. Germany's Angela Merkel, or her representatives, are yet to comment on Bundesdruckerei's association with RaFa, though it appears that on this side of the pond businesses and authorities have little tolerance for criminals cum "ethical hackers".