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MUD & Boligarchs

The other day we found out -thanks Roberta- that representatives of the umbrella group opposing chavismo in Venezuela had been asking the U.S. State Department to NOT impose sanctions on individuals responsible for atrocious human rights violations. Roberta's faux pas was, in my opinion and contrary to conventional wisdom, a calculated move. It was a clear message from the State Department intended to expose turncoat Venezuelan politicos that love to pretend one thing in public, and then get in bed with utterly corrupt cronies of chavismo. The MUD has one representative in Washington: Leopoldo Martinez. Martinez's NGO, the grand sounding "Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas" (CDDA), serves as the perfect front.

Given that some people in Twitter have questioned my exposing Martinez -as one of the three MUD reps that could have asked Jacobson / DoS to not sanction chavistas (other two being Ramon Jose Medina and Ramon Guillermo Aveledo)- and the origin of information I posted about it, I am placing here CDDA's 990 form from 2012. It shows a substantial increase of contributions and grants (origin?) between 2011 and 2012 (from $55,196 to $2,537,777 respectively). Martinez is linked to David Osío, a Bolivarian "banker" of extremely dubious credentials. Martinez's CDDA's board colleague, Medina, is an employee of Víctor Vargas. Could that money be coming from those "bankers"? Curiously, CDDA is a non-profit corporation registered in Florida. In its 2012 annual report, filed April 26 2012, it had three directors: Leopoldo Martinez, LMN Consulting LLC (LMN probably stands for Leopoldo Martinez), and NACOMA International Trust (another vehicle controlled by Martinez).