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    infodioLeaks: BARIVEN - Derwick Associates Letter of Intent


    infodioLeaks continues to provide some truly amazing leaks about corruption in Venezuela. One of the first questions ever asked to Derwick Associates, when it became known that it had been gifted 12 contracts in non-bidding processes, was to produce copy of said contracts. After all, Derwick was believed to be a Venezuelan private company, run by Venezuelans, that had been contracted by Venezuelan State's institutions, and that had been paid with Venezuelan public funds.

    The Twelve Steps To Become a Venezuelan Boligarch


    Venezuelan has few billionaires but thousands of "pantalleros" who want to behave, if only for one evening, like a member of the monied class. This guide is not for those people. This guide is for those who have a shot at earning (looting more likely) $100M+ in liquid form. The advice below is the product of many years of experience observing the most devious and brightest of Venezuela's rich--who behave like global billionaires, or Boligarchs, as the new class that's emerged since Hugo Chavez launched his “Bolivarian revolution” is called.