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Venezuela: government tries to silence information on Air France drug haul

The BBC reported it as "Police at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport have seized 1.3 tonnes of pure cocaine on board an Air France flight from Venezuela, French officials say." For Venezuela observers this is nothing new. What's surprising about it, is how Venezuela's "CSIRT" is trying to block information about those believed to be responsible. See below.

SUCRE: chavista virtual payment mechanism is the latest corruption scam

Wikipedia (handle with care) defines it thus: "SUCRE (Spanish: Sistema Único de Compensación Regional, English: Unified System for Regional Compensation) is a proposed regional currency to be used in commercial exchanges between members of the regional trade bloc Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), which was created as an alternative to the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). The SUCRE is intended to replace the US dollar as a medium of exchange in order to decrease US control of Latin American economies and to increase stability of regional markets." A noble endeavor, some will say...