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Hopeless Juan Guaido comes with a plan, for a new plan, which rehashes old plan...

Juan Guaido isn't very bright, that much is more than evident already. He's come up with a 'new roadmap', which is a consultation plan -with same useless politicos that have allowed Nicolas Maduro to lord over Venezuela, for a new plan, which will rehash / relaunch the old plan of "1) cese de la usurpacion, 2) gobierno de transición, 3) elecciones libres"... well, better to listen from the horse's mouth:

Guaido has failed miserably at executing plans. Any plan, apart from placing his family and corrupt fellow travellers near opportunities to carry on with corruption.

His attempt to get Maduro to relinquish power ("cese de la usurpación") has been a fiasco. We said it since day 1: it won't succeed. Ever.

His attempt to form a coalition government, to transition from chavismo to democracy ("gobierno de transición"), never existed, beyond the world of slogans. The opposition remains as divided as ever.

And his attempt to organize free and transparent elections, i.e. step number 3 of original master plan? Maduro will see to that as well, as elections will happen this year, under chavismo's absolute control, as always.

Guaido is just a puppet, a handicapped messenger boy. His boss Leopoldo Lopez has no political achievements to speak of, since retiring from Chacao's Mayor office in 2008. Apart from being -unquestionably- Venezuela's opposition's most toxic figure, Lopez has shown time and again that he'll burn whatever chance, however slim, if he thinks he'll come out better of. Risk alienating Trump, his one ally? No problem, if it gets him to a larger house arrest.

Most recent examples of Lopez's 'shrewd' politicking are: chosing Guaido to deliver the presidency for him; organizing a 'coup' to oust Maduro with Raul Gorrin, Maikel Moreno, Vladimir Padrino and Christopher Figuera; instructing JJ Rendon to organize another 'coup' with Jordan Goudreau; waste international goodwill generated by the U.S. around Guaido, by tasking totally corrupt chums to deal with humanitarian aid; annulling his public persona by side-dealing with figures like Gorrin, Derwick's Alejandro Betancourt, and narco Gonzalo Morales Divo... Lopez is not even close to being a solution. Imagine the chances of his hapless protégé.

But Guaido says he has a plan now. It'll work this time, despite component parts being, perhaps, more alienated than ever.

What was that definition of insanity? Wasn't it "...doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results"? We wouldn't claim Guaido is insane, just stupid and totally useless for the task of unseating Maduro. It doesn't look good on Lopez / Guaido partners either (we are talking about U.S. President Donald Trump, State Department, and appointees in charge of Venezuela of course).

The solution to Venezuela's problems need to be negotiated with folk that have real power, that exert real control. That ain't Lopez, nor Guaido. That ain't bloody Carlos Vecchio, nor Julio Borges. It's been tried, repeatedly, and there are only failures to show for. Sanctions have made life really hard for Maduro, that's been the stick. Now emissaries need to be sent with a bag of carrots. Only Maduro's clan can bring respite to Venezuela, as they're the only ones -somewhat- in control.

Lopez and Guaido, Borges, Capriles... are but a pathetic excuse of politicos that have no wherewithal whatsoever. Gringos need to engage in talks with "el dueño del circo". Talking to the clowns is not even funny.


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