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[UPDATE] RaFa the hacker cracks Googleplex

RaFa the hacker sent me a concerned email. He tells me he's a Buddhist now. Is he a Buddhist hacker? Or a hacker who happens to be a Buddhist? Well, let's hear from him:

RaFa says he doesn't have relations with the Derwick boys (don't worry deleting, I've got copies), and yet an associate registered domains related to all Derwick Associates executives. I think I will quote myself:

Despite claiming that he's a practicing Buddhist mindful of karma, RaFa does not seem to have a moral issue about lending his expertise to individuals of extremely dubious reputations, or to outright criminals (he's also a criminal after all). It's not an ethical hacker we're talking about here, more like a black hat hacker in fact, but this being Venezuela, where anything goes, and authorities fail to investigate and prosecute nearly all regular crimes, the ones in which RaFa and clients are involved in are way beyond the capacity of Venezuelan law enforcement bodies.

In the current moral cesspit and utterly corrupt chavista milieu RaFa is actually thriving. These days he spends his time lecturing about IT, has got representatives drumming up business in the USA, and is negotiating directly with the chavista regime on behalf of Germany-owned Bundesdruckerei. This last gig has almost certainly given him access to the personal identification information of all Venezuelans (which he uses with total discretion).

RaFa says he doesn't have a campaign against me, and yet an associate has recently registered... better to quote myself again:

Then RaFa's man (Carlos Diaz of purchased in quick succession, .net., .info, and, .org, .net, and .info, using my old address in Caracas (I know for a fact he doesn't live there). Videos and blogs accusing me of being a "drug trafficker" have been, and are being, uploaded with certain regularity onto Youtube and Dailymotion. In the latest attempt my critics created a Youtube account usurping the identity of my mother and then that of Diego Arria (former Special Advisor to the U.N. Secretary General). Then we have the ridiculous, and homophobic accusations printed in, a chavista website that also published that I "had AIDS" and was "irresponsibly spreading" it. There are other accounts about my prowess at "building drug trafficking submarines" (an activity in which my own mother is purportedly involved), and about my "having stolen 500 kgs of cocaine in 1995."

RaFa is in a bit of a pickle here you see. One of the "jobs" he has managed to get is to become Venezuela representative of Bundesdruckerei. Apologies for the repeated self quoting:

Further to previous exposés about RaFa, the convicted criminal of choice for all online reputation management needs of the Boliburgeoisie chosen by Bundesdruckerei (BDR) as its representative in Venezuela, Der Spiegel piles on the pressure today, with an article questioning Germany's position on the matter. As the subheading has it, "Doch das Finanzministerium, zustiindig fur den Konzern, greift nicht ein", it would appear that Germany's Ministry of Finance, authority in charge of overseeing that BDR as a State-owned concern complies with certain regulations, just does not care about the questionable past, associations and practices of RaFa. 

But just how did RaFa land that "job"

Cuba designated something called ALBET ("Sociedad Mercantil ALBET Ingeniería y Sistemas" incorporated 7th November 2005), as its representative in the deal. ALBET is not much more than a Cuban-regime front of some IT institute in Cuba. Most certainly not a recognised party in anything to do with the latest developments in electronic ID technology. And so ALBET, lacking the know how, expertise, track record, and capacity to carry out the project, went to market -armed with the $172 million that Venezuela had destined to the project- and requested Bundesdruckerei -at the time a private company- to submit bids for the provision of new electronic IDs, passports (diplomatic and otherwise), and special printers. Bundesdruckerei duly complied with the request, but its representative, a chap called Jörg Baumgartl (a.k.a. Joerg Baumgartl), set up a rather elaborate scheme of proxies that would eventually execute winning bids.

Baumgartl is Bundesdruckerei's Managing Director as well as responsible for international sales. Bundesdruckerei had done deals directly with the Venezuelan government in the past, though in this new iteration, Baumgartl would deal through Billingsley Global Corp. a Panamanian proxy he set up for the purpose. Just why Baumgartl did that is anyone's guess, however it could have well been to spare Bundesdruckerei of any potential issues with US government-imposed trade sanctions with Cuba.

As stated above, in 2009 Bundesdruckerei was acquired by the German state. Despite police raids and scandals about alleged embezzlement of millions by a Panamanian entity, Baumgartl has managed to keep his job. But what's truly shocking -considering new ownership- is Baumgartl's choice of representative for Venezuela. 

Readers of this site may remember frequent references to Rafael Nuñez (aka "RaFa"), identified as the man behind the online reputation campaigns of the worst white collar thugs in Venezuela. As shown in communication dated 1 March 2012, Baumgartl has appointed BV Estrategia Reputacional and its subsidiary, Clean Perception, as Bundesdruckerei's commercial representative in Venezuela. That is to say, Frau Merkel's representative in Venezuela is a known and notorious criminal.

Despite having been appointed as Venezuela's representative of Bundesdruckerei on 1 March 2012, BV Estrategia Reputacional was incorporated in Curaçao on 9 March 2012 according to registry documents. Nuñez does not hide his association with Bundesdruckerei, in fact he boasts about it. 

RaFa says he would NEVER engage in a defamation campaign against other people. He's meant to be a "Buddhist" you see. Trouble for RaFa is, that there's enough evidence online of a defamation campaign (using the very same spurious and baseless arguments used against me) launched against a chap called Alberto Parra Wallis. And who is Alberto Parra Wallis, I hear you asking? Former representative in Venezuela of Bundesdruckerei, embroiled in a legal battle against Jörg Baumgartl, the man who appointed RaFa as Bundesdruckerei's new rep.

Now I know that, due to my blogging exposing corruption over the years, I must be in a lot of Boligarchs and chavistas shit list. But, is it not far too coincidental that Parra Wallis and me appear in the same dodgy websites, in posts that use exactly the same fabricated allegations? I understand that Parra Wallis is a businessman, suing some parties related to Bundesdruckerei in Germany, and taking decisive action to have all the negative information pumped by RaFa against him removed. 

Buddhist or not, RaFa is a convicted criminal. He did time in the US for defacing an official website, and was deported. I understand he is pleading to get a visa, so he can travel again to America. I also know he's fuming, due to measures taken by Crowdflower, Twitter and Google against his "online reputation practices" after I alerted them: Crowdflower suspended campaigns for his clients, Twitter shut an army of bot accounts he used to spread BS about his clients, and Google's Matt Cutts looked into his "Ramiro Helmeyer campaign", deleting irrelevant stuff that sought to depict in a benign light a convicted terrorist and assassin.

A source told me that RaFa managed to bribe some bad apples inside the Googleplex, to manipulate search results related to his clients. As soon as I get the evidence I will, of course, blast it all over. We will then see the consequences -for RaFa and his business- of cause and effect...

UPDATE 1 Jun 19:12 GMT: having been caught up lying about his relation with Derwick, RaFa deleted tweets from his account touting Derwick's 'achievements', after I posted copy of his tweets. As Setty said, he must be thinking that digital footprints disappear immediately. And this is the Buddhist hacker, who calls himself 'ethical', remember?