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rafael ramirez

The loot of PDVSA: missing document on Rafael Ramirez's $4.5BN money laundering scheme appears

This site has been under a relentless DDoS attack since 17 July (peaking at over 25 million requests per second), apologies to our readers. While measures to mitigate it are taking place (not thanks to AWS, source of attacks), we have kept ourselves busy investigating corruption. In earlier posts, we exposed how Luis and Ignacio  Oberto, with the help of Alejandro Betancourt and Nervis Villalobos, set up a $4.5 billion money laundering scheme at PDVSA. Rafael Ramirez was central to it, and his approval was a must.

Will Rafael Ramirez escape Banca Privada D'Andorra's money laundering evidence?

Got a phone call the other day from Ricard Poy, a very good source in all things Andorra, to tell me that his book, "Las Siete Plagas de BPA", was published. This is great news, as I have known the fierce opposition there's been for Ricard's book, not least from constraints imposed by his former employer (Diari d'Andorra), and from the Cierco brothers (money launderers that owned Banca Privada d'Andorra - BPA).

Wilmer Ruperti accuses Rafael Ramirez, Baldo Sanso of extortion

There's a case currently being disputed in London courts, whereby Wilmer Ruperti is suing Novoship for breach of a settlement agreement. Burford Capital, and its executive Daniel Hall, have been lumped with defendant Novoship for making unlawful use of information -without Novoship's knowledge or consent- obtained in the course of due diligence checks and investigation for which Novoship had retained Hall.

APS SpA who? Ramirez / Sanso side deals surface Alek Boyd Mon, 05/04/2020 - 04:55

A restructuring proposal to take PDVSA back to its core business was making the rounds recently. Out with importing food, feeding chicken and building cardboard housing, in with amending laws to attract foreign investment and to allow PDVSA to become minority partner, recovering refineries, increase output and decrease taxes and royalties. U.S. sanctions, globe's oil glut, and the Chinavirus must have precipitated the move, which, has to be said, is and has been the only solution.

Jorge Rodriguez v Rafael Ramirez: chavista degenerates bitch fight round 1

What a spectacle, ladies and gentlemen, this promises to be. Right after popular wake to the news of Alejandro Betancourt funding Juan Guaido and using Guaido's father to provide bona fides to Rudy Giuliani, we had Jorge Rodriguez, the most corrupt political operator of chavismo in one corner, and Rafael Ramirez, the most corrupt financial operator of chavismo in the other, meeting in a virtual ring yesterday, to throw punches about Betancourt, Venezuela's most corrupt bolichico.

What Rafael Ramirez does not say...

Rafael Ramirez is a person of interest to this site. For over a decade, Ramirez was, simultaneously, Minister of Energy and Petroleum (MEP) and CEO of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). This can not be denounced enough: the watchdog (Minister) and the executive (CEO) can not reasonably be the same person, for when that happens "$700 billion disappear", as Ramirez admitted to Germany's Deutsche Welle (DW) recently.