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DoJ charges Claudia Diaz Guillen / Adrian Velasquez with money laundering. How about Swiss bankers?

The U.S. Department of Justice (finally) charged Claudia Diaz Guillen and husband Adrian Velasquez with money laundering on 30 October. Diaz Guillen and Velasquez were part of a larger money laundering network that included former head of Venezuela's Treasury Alejandro Andrade, and sidekick and facilitator Raul Gorrin. Andrade is the man who famously pleaded guilty to getting $1 billion worth of bribes.

Nicolas Maduro's antibloqueo law against U.S. sanctions: Corruption made law

Our interpretation of Nicolas Maduro's regime anti U.S. sanctions constitutional law (see pdf below) isn't verbose. In short, Maduro has vested himself with an instrument that does not exist in Venezuela's jurisprudence (constitutional law), cloaks it under ius cogens, to do whatever off-the-books business he sees fit, with whichever entity, local or international, in the most absolute obscurity. No authority in the land is to learn what, when, or how deals under it are done.

Leopoldo escapes, chavismo stays

Count us among the suspicious, the incredulous. In early 2019, even before Juan Guaido declared himself interim president of Venezuela, we met with senior officials of the Trump administration. Very early in our meeting words to the effect of "we like Leopoldo" were uttered. I remember it vividly, having thought "oh man... where do we start?" For Leopoldo, before his puppet Guaido became a thing, was already, arguably, the most toxic politician in Venezuela. Alas that was the hope then.

Hopeless Juan Guaido comes with a plan, for a new plan, which rehashes old plan...

Juan Guaido isn't very bright, that much is more than evident already. He's come up with a 'new roadmap', which is a consultation plan -with same useless politicos that have allowed Nicolas Maduro to lord over Venezuela, for a new plan, which will rehash / relaunch the old plan of "1) cese de la usurpacion, 2) gobierno de transición, 3) elecciones libres"... well, better to listen from the horse's mouth: