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What's the story about Roberto Pannunzi's Venezuelan ID?

Colombia's Ministry of Defence informed today that Roberto Pannunzi, a boss linked to Calabria's 'Ndrangheta mafiosi was captured in Bogotá, in a joint operation between Colombia's Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Colombia's Ministry of Defence states in its report that Pannunzi identified himself with afake Venezuelan ID -on the name of Silvano Martino- when arrested in a shopping mall in the north of Bogotá.

However, Venezuelan Twitter user@InformadorVeraz, reported that Silvano Martino's Venezuelan ID (22.183.207) appears in the National Electoral roll (Registro Electoral). So the question, to Colombia's Ministry of Defence is: how can it be argued that Pannunzi's Venezuelan ID was fake, when it appears as registered in Venezuela's electoral roll?

@InformadorVeraz weighs in, asking whether Colombia's Ministry of Defence is claiming that people with fake IDs can register to vote in Venezuela's electoral roll:

Señores @mindefensa ¿estan diciendo que la gente puede registrar cedulas chimbas en el rep en Venezuela?

— InformadorVeraz (@InformadorVeraz) July 7, 2013