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Venezuela's Supreme Court Chief travels to Turkey...

Didn't take very long for leaks about Venezuela's new found love for Turkish delight to arrive. The latest involves Venezuela's Supreme Court Chief, Maikel Moreno, landing today in a GV (N863MF) in Istanbul's Atatürk airport. Moreno's travel companion is, reportedly, Debora Menicucci. There's a number of questions that pop to mind, the most important being: just how can Moreno afford to travel in such luxury? Who picked up that tab?

Venezuela being the land where no one can keep a secret, this site is almost certainly going to reveal -in due course- who is paying for Moreno's travels, what exactly is he doing in Turkey, and why are hundreds of thousands of dollars being wasted flying him privately. Moreno is said to have acquired a travel agency in Caracas (Toromaima), which picked up quite a bit of business from Raul Gorrin's companies. Be that as it may, no legitimate business in Venezuela's current situation turns enough profit to pay what it cost to fly like that.

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