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Comeflores, please answer this simple question.

Check out the videos below:

Seriously. Force yourselves to watch them. Now, to all the comeflores around (they know who they are), please answer this simple question:

Instead of criticising those who are protesting, and the opposition leaders that have supported and encouraged said protests, ​what exactly do you propose?

​Let me venture a few guesses:

​1- Stay at home, pretend Venezuela is like Switzerland and do nothing, therefore such violence wouldn't have occurred.

2- Keep "negotiating" with the regime that orders its security forces to deal with demonstrators in the way shown in the video.

3- Keep pretending that the regime with which you are "negotiating" -same one that has armed vigilante gangs that are killing and terrorising protestors with absolute impunity- is democratic, and therefore dialogue is the way forward.

4- Keep participating in elections, for, y'know, one day the regime just might allow one of your representatives to win.

5- Keep thinking that dialogue with a regime that does the stuff described above will surrender power one day, y'know when you guys manage to produce a kick ass, wonky manifesto that will turn, as if by magic, chavistas into opposition voters.

Am I wrong? Looking forward to your answers...