Message to INFODIO readers: investigative journalism, which is what this site does, takes time. Lots of time. Time is money. Regular visitors from banks' compliance departments, media, academia, and law enforcement, are encouraged to donate generously to our efforts. To all readers, do the right thing, the honest thing: support independent investigative journalism, help us expose rampant corruption.

Not all news that's fit to print

When it comes to Venezuela's corruption, this site has become a reference. Nowadays, we see banks (compliance departments), insurance companies, law enforcement, law firms, and international media playing catch up, devouring some of the stuff posted here over the years. It is quite unfortunate -and unethical- that stories first published here end up as exclusives, without attribution, in traditional media.

This site is going to find ways to monetise use of information and original research. A paywall of some sort will likely be put in place, unless those mentioned above find paying a monthly subscription for exclusive content a reasonable compromise. Not all information and research gathered is fit to print, so those interested in not publicly available content, evidence-based in-depth research (on Venezuelan corruption topics), please email alek.boyd at protonmail dot com, or DM @alekboyd.


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