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Chevron employees arrested in Venezuela have no chance of redress

Recently, oil related news about Venezuela have focused on the arrest of two Chevron employees. There were scant details about the arrested. Their names and nationalities have been misreported. Carlos Jose Algarra Villegas and Rene Adrian Vasquez Mora are accused of treason, by the chavista regime, for refusing to sign a no-bid contract -standard procurement practice that comes with stratospheric mark ups- for PDVSA - Chevron joint venture Petropiar. These two men stand no chance of redress for one simple reason: they're both Venezuelan nationals.

Venezuelan jails are full of people that have been arrested on made up charges. Combatting corruption is most certainly not Nicolas Maduro's forte. Venezuelan judiciary does not have a vestige of independence or legitimacy. Due process is non existent. The fact that these are Chevron employees do not make the slightest bit of difference. Within Venezuela's borders the organised crime syndicate known as chavismo does precisely whatever it wants with Venezuelan citizens.