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Sources: DoJ takes on PDVSA Litigation Trust case

Sources in DC report that the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has taken on PDVSA US Litigation Trust case. Reading this site might have helped! DoJ officials travelled recently to Switzerland, as per Swiss sources, to meet with Swiss counterparts involved in criminal complaint filed by PDVSA's (and also Wilmer Ruperti's) lawyer Guerric Canonica. In the context of DoJ's subpoena to Glencore, DoJ has been given complete access to evidence held by Swiss prosecutors (Helsinge's servers) believed to contain huge amounts of very concrete, and incriminating, evidence of deals between Glencore and PDVSA. Swiss probes into PDVSA's commercial and financial links to the country are said to be far reaching in scope. Allegedly, DoJ has started issuing subpoenaes to people involved in PDVSA Litigation Trust's case.

In addition, some of the defendants -in PDVSA US Litigation Trust's case- reportedly have filed a formal complaint with DoJ, due to the manner in which Swiss prosecution obtained Helsinge's servers, in what it has been claimed as a violation of international treaties of mutual legal assistance between the U.S. and Switzerland.

Requests for comments put to people involved with plaintiff, DoJ, and Swiss prosecutors have not been answered.

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