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Fidel Castro has died

Valldemossa 03.08.06 | Understandably there is much ado about the health condition of the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Even in this lovely village, whose mayorship would be the envy of Red Ken, people are talking about it. The MSM is already spreading avalanches of crap about Cuba's future under the rule of yet-to-come-out-of-the-closet Raul Castro. I have checked the news: the only sources of (dis)information proclaiming that the tyrant is just undergoing surgery are, of course, Venezuelan and Cuban ones, which, needs be stressed, have not got one shred of credibility left. Therefore I can announce that Fidel Castro has died.


If tomorrow, or the day/week/month after, he appears in public and proves me wrong I can always retract. However, based on the information available and my own sources, I have no reason to believe that the criminal that ruined Cuba and oppressed its people for half a century is alive.


As Carlo Gambino, Fidel Castro perished in a relatively peaceful sort of way, contrary with what had been his trademark. What a shame; Cuban victims and honourable people the world over lost for good the opportunity for revenge or, at the very least, will not be able to find solace upon the fact that Castro, as the heir of the Gambino family John Gotti, would rot incommunicado in an ADMAX type of facility.


What will his putative son do now?