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An invitation to Sean Penn

The latest from Sean Penn is just amazing. Mind, this is a Hollywood type, who hasn't got the slightest clue about the realities of our country, yet he feels informed enough, on the basis of a couple of trips on expenses paid for by the Venezuelan taxpayer, to state that anyone who calls Chavez a dictator should be put in jail. Mind, this is someone who seems totally unaware of this list of reports / indictments, from reputable bodies, not least of all the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. There a few things from / about Venezuela that upset me these days. However the sheer racism of these bloody advocates, of a military dictator let's never forget, pontificating from the distance about how our country should be run, or giving their opinion, as if they knew, as if actually someone cared for what they think, still gets into me. So here's an invitation to Sean Penn: leave the comfort of your life and move, permanently, say for a year, to Venezuela, or Cuba. Spend some time there, away from official protection, and try to earn a living as that 80% you say Chavez has given the chance to dream. Then, after a while,  go back to your pampered, meaningless, and decadent existence, and talk about the realities of living under a megalomanic strongman.

Perhaps then, you will understand how unfounded your opinions about our country are. Perhaps then, you will understand half of the story, and you will be able to see things within proper context. Can you put your money where your mouth is Sean?