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Noam Chomsky parrots Hugo Chavez

Spanish daily El Pais reports that Noam Chomsky was in Caracas to see how "Chavez is making another world possible." That's right. Hugo Chavez, in case the world had failed to notice, is building a different, better world, according to Chomsky, who said: "...what's harder is to create a better world not to talk about it, and what's so exciting about, at last, visiting Venezuela, I can see how a better world is being created and can speak to the person who's inspired it."

Where have we heard before this argument about better world possible? The Colombian narco terrorist group FARC thinks that the hour of that other world is about to come.

But what's different about this other world? Well, it is a world where freedom of expression must be limited, where freedom of conscience and religion is violated by the state, where political opponents are harassed, tortured and forbidden to run for office when not exiled or killed, where minorities have no rights, where the people can't freely elect their representatives, where private property is summarily expropriated, where a clique of criminals govern, in sum, and disagreeing here with Chomsky, that world already exists and can be experienced, not only in Venezuela, but in any other where one unaccountable individual gets to decide the fate of the nation, as in Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Russia, Ecuatorial Guinea, etc.

Chavez's attempt is worthy of Noam Chomsky's admiration. Thanks for the excellent lesson Professor Chomsky. From now on, you're not only a peddler of baseless allegations, but your detractors will be able to point at your sycophantic apologising for a militaristic, utterly capitalist and imperialist caudillo, to blanket dismiss your political views. It could go like this: "Chomsky on Obama's foreign policy... Isn't that the guy who went to embrace that dictator from Venezuela and said, without providing a shred of evidence, that the Obama administration ousted the president of Honduras?"

Oh, and BTW, who paid and arranged for Chomsky's visit? Have his handlers registered already with the US Foreign Agent Registration Unit? The picture provides clues...