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Pedro Burelli confronts OAS' José Miguel Insulza

Fellow blogger Pedro Burelli has confronted OAS' Secretary General José Miguel Insulza, by way of questioning his silence with regards to the indictment that the Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) published this week against Venezuela. Insulza then tries to get out of it, arguing about there not being precedent of a Secretary General commenting on IACHR reports, for its a totally independent body, etc.

Since Pedro has invited commentary and questions, I would like to ask Mr. Insulza whether he could provide evidence of precedent, given that this is the reason he says has prevented him from commenting on the violations of human, civil, and political rights in Venezuela, of a Secretary General of the OAS involved in the following:

  1. Using OAS tenure and position to promote personal political career.
  2. Using OAS tenure and position to support anti-democratic and unconstitutional measures.
  3. Using OAS tenure and position to support dictatorships.