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Smartmatic does the Philippines

One of the reasons I have stopped blogging regularly about Venezuela is that everything that I felt I needed to expose I have already. Be it Eva Golinger lies about tax status, credentials or relations with the Chavez regime, the non existence of records of Chavez's favorite pollsters, the evident conflict of interests between Smartmatic and the Venezuelan government, or the family links that unite peddlers of baseless allegations and the regime led by the putschist, I feel I have done my share.

In the past few days I have noticed an increased amount of visits to one of my websites from the Philippines. So I got curious and investigated a bit further about it, sadly to find out that the firm that has rigged elections for Chavez since 2004 in Venezuela, the firm whose acquisition of Sequoia Voting Systems in the USA was challenged on the basis of an electoral fiasco in Chicago, has been contracted, to the tune of $150 million, by the Filipino electoral watchdog to run elections in 2010.

Filipinos will soon find out the sort of democracy Hugo Chavez e-voting firm provides.