Venezuela: Central Bank transfers $2 billion sovereign bond to Tony Caplin / Kellmar Limited

Daniel writes in to say that I should provide a bit of an explanation for why this should be a scandal. I guess that the reason would be that it is simply not normal for a Central Bank, to transfer free and clear, ownership of a sovereign bond, worth $2 billion, to a recently formed limited company with a share capital of £2,000, managed by an individual (Tony Caplin) who appears as inactive in the Financial Services Authority register.

[Read UPDATE] Some context of actors provided to facilitate further investigations in respective jurisdictions.

Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV): Venezuela's Central Bank [link].
Nelson Merentes: Current President of BCV [link].
Eudomar Tovar: First Vice President of BCV [link].
Kellmar Limited: Isle of Man registered, £2,000 limited company [link].
James Ellwood: Director of Kellmar Ltd [link]. Board member of Momentum Pensions Ltd [link].
Anthony Lindsay Caplin: a.k.a. Tony Caplin [link]. Former Chief Operating Officer of the Conservative Party [link]. Formerly with Panmure Gordon [link]. Director of Kellmar Ltd since 29 March 2011 [link]. Current Chairman of North West London Hospitals NHS Trust [link]. Current member of the Medical Research Council [link]. Current Commissioner of the Public Works Loan Board [link]. Currently inactive -as individual AXC01538 - Anthony Lindsay Caplin- according to the Financial Services Authority register [link].
Ramon Carpio Carvajal: Vice President of International Operations of BCV [link].

Ira D. Pruitt Jr: Attorney for Kellmar Ltd and Tony Caplin [link].

Rosallyn Hazelle: St. Kitts & Nevis Ambassador and Permanent Secretary Industry, Commerce, and Consumer Affairs [link].

Credit Suisse [link].
Sovereign Bond: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, 9.250, 07/05/28, ISIN USP17625AB33, common code 036133678 [link].