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Venezuela's Chavez on the USA's assassination plot

chavez assassination plot

London 24.02.05 | One can only mock the pathetic and unsubstantiated ravings of Venezuela's president Chavez and his minions in regards to the assassination plot that the USA is crafting to "liquidate" him. The caption reads:

Hey friends, you reckon I'll be able to save my ass from assassination with: 100.000 rifles; 50 Migs; 40 choppers; 4 corvettes; 6 c-295; 12 Super Tucanos; the FARC; the Cuban G2; Tupamaros, Bolivarian Circles and the Venezuelan army?

The reply of his 'friends' (Castro, Ortega, Lula, Zapatero, Putin, Khatami, and Marulanda) is quite straightforward.