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January 2019

White House officials shut down Nicolas Maduro's FoxNews interview

This site has learned that high officials of Donald Trump's White House shut down an interview Nicolas Maduro gave recently to FoxNews. Journalist Maria Elvira Salazar, on unofficial assignment / agreement with FoxNews, met and interviewed Maduro in Caracas. The interview was translated to English, with the purpose of broadcasting it in FoxNews to send a message to the Trump administration, about Maduro's intentions to establish some kind of dialogue. White House officials intervened, censored the whole thing, and the interview ended up being aired, in Spanish, in Univision.

U.S. Treasury hits Raul Gorrin: Nicolas Maduro's favourite operator

U.S. Treasury sanctioned Raul Gorrin and his network today. Has-beens like Gonzalez Dellan and Claudia Diaz Guillen (pending extradition to the U.S. from Spain) have also been targeted. Gorrin, particularly, is a great addition to the SDN list, as he has become the Boligarch-in-favour to the Maduro/Flores power couple in many of their corrupt deals. Globovision, Gorrin's propaganda network, is also included in SDN List.

New PDVSA partner EREPLA: OFAC has last word

Further to infodio's exclusive about a joint services and offtake agreements signed between PPSA and EREPLA Services LLC, replies to request for comments put to Harry Sargeant have been received from Ali Hasan Rahman (see below). As per Hasan Rahman's comments, OFAC has the last word on the deal.

"As Director of EREPLA Services LLC and EREPLA Trading LLC, I would like to respond to the email that you sent Mr. Sargeant last week.

In response to your specific questions: