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[UPDATED] Sources: Wassoul'or and Noor Capital stripping Venezuela's bullion

Three separate sources have now reported the following scheme to this site: Aliou Boubacar Diallo, controls a gold mine in Mali called Wassoul'or. Noor Capital's Olivier Couriol (DOB 05/11/1964 traveling on French passport no 17FV26627), Rashed Al Suwaidi and Abdul Jabbar Al-Sayegh are (silent) partners of Diallo as per Malian sources. Venezuela's Central Bank (BCV) first (December 2017), and then Tareck el Aissami, have tapped Noor Capital as partner of sorts in gold transactions. Venezuelan gold is flown in cargo planes (first in November 2018 with 500,000 ounces and another similar cargo reported recently) to UAE. Malian Diallo brings in Wassoul'or "own production" exports documents to lend legitimacy. Some Malian authorities are reportedly in the deal. Gold is either flown direct to UAE or to it via Mali, where Couriol and co at Noor Capital dispose of it, as Malian gold. Resulting proceeds are then divvy up.

Couriol also appears in connection to movement and laundering of el Aissami's funds through Turkish banks, as per sources. Armando "Coco" Capriles has been mentioned as another participant in this scheme. BCV designated TC Ziraat Bankansi as counterpart for some operations 22 December 2017.

Diallo is active in Malian politics and threw his hat in 2018's presidential race. It is alleged Couriol provided financing to Diallo's campaign. Couriol track record includes fantastic stints, such as Airbus buying into Pearl Gold, another Malian gold producer associated to Diallo.

Couriol sets up required shell structures assisted by a lawyer called David Bitton, according to sources familiar with Couriol's activities.

*Request for comments have been put to Diallo, Bitton and Noor Capital.

*UPDATE 02/02/2019, 11:36 AM GMT: The following message has been received (presumably) from Diallo, do notice lack of names. Diallo, or whoever else sent that message and threat, failed to address questions about Couriol’s participation, and Diallo's past and present links to Couriol and Noor Capital.

From: Info Wassoul'Or<>
Date: On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 06:09
Subject: Fwd: Votre article diffamant sur et relayé via Twitter
To: alek.boyd <alek.boyd>,alekboyd <alekboyd>
La production d'or de Wassoul'Or est connue et publiée sur son site officiel. Cette production est connue de l'Etat malien et de l'ITIE (Initiative pour la Transparence dans les Industries Extractives).
Wassoul'Or n'a jamais été impliquée dans les ventes d'or d'un quelconque pays étranger.
La société se réserve le droit de vous poursuivre ainsi que Twitter en diffamation.
The gold production of Wassoul'Or is known and published on its official website. This production is known to the State of Mali and the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative).
Wassoul'Or has never been involved in gold sales of any foreign country.
The company reserves the right to sue you and Twitter for defamation.
Wassoul'Or SA
p:    +22320225425
f:    +22320230674
a:    Rue 378 Hamdallaye ACI 2000, BP8012 Bamako Mali
w:; e:

UPDATE-2, 05/02/2019, 15:10GMT: Olivier Couriol's Paris-based lawyer, Benoit Chabert, picks from Wassoul'or / Diallo and sends legal threat:

Olivier Couriol retains Benoit Chabert to censor involvement in stripping Venezuela's gold


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