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tareck el aissami

[UPDATED] Sources: Wassoul'or and Noor Capital stripping Venezuela's bullion

Three separate sources have now reported the following scheme to this site: Aliou Boubacar Diallo, controls a gold mine in Mali called Wassoul'or. Noor Capital's Olivier Couriol (DOB 05/11/1964 traveling on French passport no 17FV26627), Rashed Al Suwaidi and Abdul Jabbar Al-Sayegh are (silent) partners of Diallo as per Malian sources.

Who's behind acquisition of Venezuela's largest newspaper?

Last Friday, the new board of Cadena Capriles, a media conglomerate that owns among other things Venezuela's largest newspaper, announced that a company called Latam Media Holding had recently acquired Cadena Capriles. The announcement came on the back of a previous one, made roughly five months ago by former CEO and owner Miguel Angel Capriles Lopez (a.k.a. "Michu"), claiming that the group of companies had been sold.