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September 2023

Venezuela will join BRICS, then what?

"Venezuela formally applies to BRICS"... "China welcomes Venezuela's intention to join BRICS"... "Brazil's Lula favors bid by Venezuela to join BRICS"... "Nations queue up to join BRICS, to promote 'multipolar world'"... "Maduro meets Dilma and says that “sooner or later Venezuela will be part of the BRICS”"... Venezuela joining BRICS is one of those questions of when rather than if.

Nicolas Maduro is the one opposed to sanctions relief.

Think about it: sanctions are just the perfect justification. There's nothing quite so flexible, encompassing and revolutionary as being the target of U.S. Treasury sanctions. Everything can be explained under the purview of sanctions. Lack of food? Unemployment? No gasoline? Derelict hospitals and crumbling infrastructure? Malnutrition? Teachers striking? Power cuts? All of that, and more, happens because of sanctions. Like the Cuban dictatorship, chavismo has not lost, but reaffirmed the credibility of its now 24 year old criminal regime thanks to sanctions.