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luis oberto

France's TRACFIN stops Luis Oberto's St Barts real estate sale to Kirill Pisarev

Gotham City reported this week: "Saint Barth: le PNF bloque la vente suspecte d'une villa à 28 millions: Une récente décision de justice révèle que l'oligarque russe Kirill Pisarev a tenté de racheter une propriété à Saint-Barthélemy évaluée à 28 millions d'euros à l'homme d'affaires vénézuélien Luis Oberto. Or tous deux sont visés par des enquêtes séparées du Parquet national financier.

What's the deal between Luis Oberto and Bruno Magras? Alek Boyd Thu, 03/17/2016 - 10:35

Upon posting the latest bit of research on Luis Oberto’s real estate activities through proxies in St Barths, a request for comment was sent to Bruno Magras, President of St Barths’ Territorial Council (effectively the island’s government). Monsieur le Président did reply, with the following message (bold added):

Money laundering PDVSA style: featuring Rafael Ramirez, Nervis Villalobos, Luis Oberto, and Juan Andres Wallis

South of the Rio Grande, only Venezuela can claim to have reached Olympian heights in the corruption leagues. Venezuela is where grand theft has become institutionalized, and more importantly, perhaps the only country in the region -apart from the Cuban dictatorship- where stealing billions of dollars has no consequences. None.

Who is Luis Oberto?

Luis Oberto (aka Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi) one of the most discreet members of the Venezuelan Boliburgeoisie. A mention here, another there, it seems that Oberto has been able to fly under the radar for quite some time now, although INFODIO readers -an extraordinary source of information on all these white-collar thugs- have been sharing intel on Oberto and his operations. Please bear with me as this is about to get more complicated than a Venezuelan soap opera.