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UPDATED - Did Ven-Iranian operators Salar Ataie Bandari & Ahmad Ataie Reza take Alex Saab's place?

UPDATED 12 Oct. 2020 - Puzzling turn of events re PDVSA's shipping: according to our sources two completely unknown operators -Salar Ataie Bandari (Venezuelan ID 18444547, passports 148638679 & 110797537, DoB 02/25/1988) & Ahmad Ataie Reza (Venezuelan ID 17757066, passport 82585204, DoB 06/13/1953)- have emerged along with PDVSA's Angel Gonzalez, who is said to be in charge now of commerce & supply, as go-to guys with regards to StS transfers to be done away from U.S. government's prying eyes. The new area to be used is north of an archipelago called Los Monjes, very close to Aruba and right inside Venezuela's Exclusive Economic Zone. There are, however, signs that other areas might be in play, such as north-east of Los Roques, another archipelago closer to Caracas, where tanker Cape Vella V has been floating for a few days.

Bandari and Reza hail from the time when Ahmadinejad and Chavez were playing world domination. Involved in some sort of consortium called Ven-Iran, these Venezuelan-Iranian nationals got a series of procurement contracts, and as all thugs of that ilk, they're so versatile, their business acumen from building corn-processing factories to electricity generation, from tug boats services to crude trading. All seasoned, of course, with plenty of petro-dollars from public coffers.

We will leave this in here, for future reference. In any case, the goal seems to be to hide StS transfers from energy trading ports, such as Amuay, Jose, etc. 


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