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Otto Reich sues Derwick Associates

[caption align=left]Otto Reich is suing the bolichicos[/caption] UPDATE: read Setty's post here. Setty is reporting over in Twitter that Otto Reich, former U.S. Secretary of State for Latin America and Ambassador to Venezuela, is suing Derwick Associates for racketeering in the US. The targets are the unlikely trio of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and Pedro Trebbau, the two principals behind Derwick Associates that are so familiar to visitors of this blog. The third person is Francisco D’Agostino, who is the son-in-law of Boligarch megabanker Victor Vargas from Maracaibo. D’Agostino’s father is Franco D’Agostino, famous when I used to live in Venezuela for being one of the most corrupt contractors under Jaime Lusinchi’s government. D'Agostino's Sr apparently took part of his business to Miami, although his Venezuelan connections to Accion Democrática continue to this day: his daughter is married to Henry Ramos Allup.

Re-reading Reich’s December 2012 op-ed on Venezuelan corruption provides some intellectual insight. In Venezuela, borrowing from Gabo, we would call the Herald piece: "Crónica de una muerte anunciada." Stay tuned...