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Olivier Couriol retains Benoit Chabert to censor involvement in stripping Venezuela's gold

Today's joke has got to be a letter emailed by Olivier Couriol's Paris lawyer, Benoit Chabert, wherein this site is given 24 hours to delete the post "[UPDATED] Sources: Wassoul'or and Noor Capital stripping Venezuela's bullion". Chabert contends that exposing Couriol's connections to Noor Capital, Venezuelan gold, and Diallo's Wassoul'or role in siphoning sovereign bullion is a violation to French laws. Earth to Couriol and Chabert: Venezuela, Turkey, UAE, Mali, Switzerland, the UK, and the U.S. aren't French jurisdiction, so do bring your idiotic claims against this site, while bearing in mind that discovery works both ways. Couriol's totally dodgy endeavours, whether with Airbus, or Shell / ENI, are of great interest. For this site, Couriol's way in to the whole Venezuelan gold business -sources claim owing to good auspices of Armando "Coco" Capriles- explain also why the UAE-based Noor Capital outfit he is associated with got to be chosen by Venezuela's Central Bank (BCV) as an authorised partner to operate up to $750 million worth of Venezuela's international reserves. Curiously though, neither Couriol nor Noor Capital replied to requests for comment. Given that this site did not give in to Diallo's / Wassoul'or threat, the ante has been upped and we look forward to it with thanks.

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