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PDVSA's latest SAP (June) omits trading data

Further to our post yesterday about Tareck el Aissami's orders to further obfuscate trading information from PDVSA's SAP accounting system, this site has obtained the latest SAP summary for the month of June. There is correct correlation between PDVSA's crude lifting line up and SAP, insofar as REPSOL and ENI cargoes are concerned. Interestingly, SAP system has details about tanker RENE (IMO 9250622 ?), which lifted 2MB of fuel oil, on behalf of Asia Charm Ltd FZE. PDVSA gave 120 days to Asia Charm to pay for that cargo. There is nothing about that vessel in June's line up reports. Then, there's the case of Sierra (IMO 9147447), which got 700,000 barrels of Hamaca, but there are no details of it in SAP.

SAP continues to lack details of Delta LLC, or its substitute Xiamen Logistic Grass, which is a shell controlled by "Libre Abordo people" as per our sources. People familiar with Libre Abordo trading with PDVSA report that all Alex Saab's shells (Libre Abordo, Schlager, Proton SL, Delta LLC, Paramount, Xiamen) use same local agent: Jackson Suarez.

Tareck's designated man to eliminate leaks of "incriminating" information, i.e. shells used by PDVSA and its Alex Saab-like partners, is a National Guard thug called Manuel Salvador Parra Ramírez, recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by Nicolas Maduro.

A new system has been implemented in PDVSA. It is manual, it can only be accessed locally, i.e. PDVSA folk in Amuay can not see shipping / trading data related to José, and viceversa. This site was given an example of this new system, which we reported here:

"MT Europride (IMO 9157777) is to discharge 75,000 barrels of Boscan crude to Aframax River (IMO 9259173), currently anchored in Amuay. That crude, as per our sources, belongs to Petrozamora..."

Then, we got reports about Afra Hawtorn and Yoselin, moving some 560,000 barrels of Boscan and crude blend between Maracaibo Lake ports and Amuay.

Needless to say that PDVSA's SAP system has no records of Afra Hawtorn, Yoselin, Europride or Aframax River, none appear in shipping line ups, that is, these are completely off-the-books trading operations, just like the Kelly, which continues wandering the oceans unable to offload 2MB of Merey it lifted in José in late April.

Sources have informed this site that PDVSA's situation is quite dramatic. Less than 5MB of crude were lifted in June according to the data. Considering the discounts at which Venezuela crude is traded, there's not a lot coming in. To compound problems, Alex Saab's arrest in Cape Verde has left PDVSA without its main trading arm; reports suggested there's just one oil drilling rig operating in the country; output has been halted in most JV's as storage is near capacity; nobody -least of all Greece's shipping tycoons, seem to be willing to risk U.S. Treasury's ire over a heavily diminished PDVSA.


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