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August 2018

PDVSA to increase production, by partnering with kingpin Samark Lopez

If there was ever a need for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to cement his bruttish image, the announcement of two days ago, regarding fresh deals to ramp up oil production between PDVSA and Well Services Cavallino C.A; Petro Kariña C.A.; Helios Petroleum Services C.A.; Shandong Kerui Group; Consorcio Rinoca Centauro Karina; Consorcio Petrolero Tomoporo and Venenca, did the tric

In PDVSA’s corruption leagues focus on Francisco Convit, Matthias Krull is a non-story

Focusing on Matthias Krull -the German-Venezuelan "banker" used by Francisco Convit, Raul Gorrin, Nicolas Maduro et al to launder $1.2 billion worth of PDVSA funds- is like pretending that El Chapo's driver was the head of the Cartel. When it comes to PDVSA, most roads tend to lead to Rafael Ramirez, who was the architect in chief of the world's largest looting of assets and money that anyone has seen.