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CITGO's Luis Giusti revealed in Alex Saab's network

This site took a dive into a report about Alex Saab's criminal activities in Ecuador. There's little that we did not know already about Saab. There is, however, a couple of startling claims that immediately caught our attention: Luis Giusti, former PDVSA CEO and current board member of CITGO (appointed by the "interim presidency" of Juan Guaido) allegedly flew in a jet (N1459A) supposedly owned by Alex Saab, in the company of Saab's narco partner German Rubio (aka Alvaro Pulido).

Another name dropped in the report is Eduardo Pantin Shortt, who along his brother Gerardo run Cementaciones Petroleras Venezolanas (CPVEN). Like Saab, the Pantin Shortt bros have gotten billions worth of contracts from PDVSA.

The entire report can be read here. It would be really helpful if authors could publish the evidence they claim to have seen, so that both Treasury and Justice Departments can probe Saab's connections to those mentioned.


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