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What role does Roberto Mirabal have in PDVSA?

Mirabal, Salinas y Asociados
Venezuela's Minister of Mines, Roberto Mirabal, private practice operates from Wilmer Ruperti's office.

After posting about David Boies' complaints about this site, a source has sent me the incorporation document seen on the picture. It relates to Mirabal, Salinas & Asociados, the private practice of Venezuelan Minister of Mines Roberto Mirabal -real title is Minister of Popular Power for Ecologic Development of Mines, whatever the hell that means.

The address in Caracas is listed as Edificio Parque Cristal, Torre Este, Piso 13, Oficina 13-10. A quick Google search returns a surprising result: Lloyd's List has that very same address as the one for Global Ship Management, one of Wilmer Ruperti's companies.

Lloyd's isn't the only source listing Ruperti's Global Ship Management's address as that in Mirabal's incorporation document: Venezuela's Maritime Institute (INEA) also has details of that address in relation to Suramericana de Transporte Petrolero, Latin American Petroleum International Services de Venezuela and Naviera Continental de Transporte, all connected to Ruperti.

Other sources have relayed to this site that Roberto Mirabal is known to Bill Duker, and was involved in giving some kind of legal opinion in relation to PDVSA US Litigation Trust set up. Allegedly, Mirabal acted as liaison between Venezuela's Attorney General Reinaldo Muñoz and David Boies' associates.

There's a number of issues here: other than the sharing-office-space-with-Ruperti giveaway, why would Mirabal be allowed to get involved with PDVSA stuff? Is not that PDVSA lacks legal counsel. Why would Mirabal act as Duker & Muñoz go-between?

Mirabal is basically -yet another- parvenu chavista cashing in on rampant corruption. He cut his teeth, according to sources, as Tibisay Lucena's (Venezuela's Electoral Chief) legal hand. Mirabal's legal practice isn't the only shell that operates out of Ruperti's companies HQ. He is associated to another venture, called Ingeniería Ventuari C.A., which also operates out of Ruperti's HQ. Frankly, we did not know that Ruperti had gone into the office letting business, though we see the value in having Mirabal under same roof: Ruperti basically knows in advance who is going to win elections in Venezuela and in exchange Mirabal gets into utterly corrupt deals with PDVSA well beyond his station.

This site has been trying to get a word from Ruperti, who after initial reply citing Greek philosophers, said he would consider sending his views. As of this writing, crickets...

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