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Eva Golinger steps in it again

You know Eva. She was the "darling" of Hugo, the "sweetheart" of the "revolution". She must be sobbing today. Upon finishing her studies, in a rather expensive college, she went on to study law, and became, according to chavismo's conventional wisdom, a "renowned author", an "investigative journalist", a "TV presenter", an "editor of Correo del Orinoco", an "expert on Venezuela", and even a "Venezuelan". Imagine just how desperate for useful idiots those revolutionaries are, that Eva, an American citizen, published her first "book" in Havana. In sum, Eva would like to be to Venezuela what Edward Snowden is to the USA. Without ever having actually revealed anything relevant that's what this modern day Tokyo Rose would like to be seen.

Unsubstantiated propaganda aside, Eva truly moved up the revolution's ranks. First she managed to get a job as a lawyer for Andres Izarra (the one who laughs hysterically when hearing Venezuela's crime figures), when she wasn't even qualified to practice law. Still in her native America, she lied her way into becoming part of a rapidly expanding propaganda apparatus, called in true Goebbels-esque fashion, the "Venezuela Information Office." From there, she packed her guitar and moved to Caracas, where she bought a flat in one of the nicest parts, got her Venezuelan citizenship in a Corn Flakes pack, and became, officially, a propagandist of Hugo Chavez. In that role she traveled as part of Chavez's sprawling detail, and met wonderful and "really nice" people, such as Lukashenko, Ahmadinejad and other such role models. Only a few years into it, she was given millions of dollars to run, and edit, one of the propaganda rags of the revolution. But Caracas' rampant crime and appalling infrastructure would play against Eva's dreams of revolution, and so when she became pregnant, she packed her guitar, her sandals, and the picture with Fidel and Hugo, and moved back to her native Brooklyn, where she bought herself yet another property (while Eva appears to have gotten a bargain, similar apartments in same building go for roughly double what she paid). Propagandist for chavismo is a lucrative profession, as Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Mark Weisbrot and Joe Kennedy will attests. Once in New York, she managed another feat: presenting her own, her own no joda!, TV program, in Putin's beacon of independent and objective journalism: Russia Today. A truly inspiring career, no doubt.

Not long ago Eva informed the world that there was this plan, to oust chavismo from power. Imagine the outrage, the fear! Here she was again, doing what she does best, presenting evidence (of unknown origin and totally unsubstantiated to this day) of a plan hatched by none other than FTI Consulting, run by a chap called Frank Holder. Imagine that! Eva had just revealed THE PLAN!

​Reality is, of course, a little less fanatical. Eva was taken to task by none other than the New York Times for the amount of insanely inane stuff that she continues to put out there. She will go down as "one of the most prominent fixtures of Venezuela’s expanding state propaganda complex" as per the Times very apt and factual description. Hence, Eva basically grabbed some A4, wrote a piece of fiction, placed badly some logos in it, scanned the thing, and released it as the latest "evidence" of imperial destabilisation against her paymasters. Her digital footprint is all over the metadata of the document upon which she bases her preposterous allegations. Given her appalling research skills, in the mad dash to print about latest invasion, she missed that FTI Consulting is the Boliburgeoisie's favourite PR and "due diligence" firm. That bit never made it into Eva's "research". Derwick Associates is a client. Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco is a client. David Osio is a client. Moris Beracha is a client. Rafael Sarria is a client. OFAC-designated kingpin Hugo Carvajal is a client. That is, the very worse scum of Venezuela's boligarchs, a class that became such solely because of chavismo's rampant corruption, are clients of FTI Consulting and its star exec Frank Leon Holder. Now what are the chances that a company that has made a killing out of dealing with such thugs is going to imperil an important revenue stream by ousting from power the very source of such income? Only in Eva's little world...

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