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Twitter replies legal request with scrambled / deleted data

Twitter scrambles / eliminates user data

As readers know, my verified Twitter account was permanently suspended in late August. Sources told me that very close collaborators of Juan Guaidó were boasting about involvement in getting me banned from Twitter. To my repeated data download requests, Twitter reacted by allowing me to download data in plain text format. A collaborator reached out, offering to help recreating my Twitter timeline, which I could then use as a referencing catalogue of over 10 years of anti corruption work. Alas he realised that data was scrambled, important entities' information was missing, links were deleted...

Twitter was reportedly responding to a "valid legal process or request for account information" from me. And I wonder, whenever someone presents Twitter with a valid request, is it customary to send data in obfuscated, scrambled format? Is it legal for Twitter to be eliminating crucial data? Would love to hear comments / feedback on that regard.

Above two examples of what they sent: one related to my @alekboyd account and the other to my @infodi0 account.

The social media sphere is meant to be happy with Jack's decision to ban political ads on Twitter, but as I noted elsewhere, true reason for joy would be announcements regarding immediate and permanent banning of troll / bot farms, impostor / impersonator accounts, targeted harassment, copyright infringement, bullying, fake news... that is, the stuff that makes Twitter truly damaging. Banning political ads is like administering homeopathy to a cancer patient.


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