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infodioLeaks: what does this Derwick Associates invoice to BARIVEN say about overcharge?

Damaging corruption information keeps arriving at infodioLeaks. Check out the document below. Google "Rolls Royce Trent 60" and lots of different results will come up, though the one I like is this one: it's from Mark Alflatt, Rolls Royce's Director of Financial Communications, who in May 2009 wired a press release entitled "ROLLS-ROYCE WINS €70 MILLION TRENT CONTRACT TO POWER GERMAN POWER STATION". In it one can read:

Rolls-Royce has been awarded a €70 million contract by RWE, Germany's largest electrical supplier, for four Trent 60 generating sets to replace... [Bold added]

Divide €70 million by four: €17.5 million each Trent 60. That was just shy of $25 million USD in May 2009 for a generating set, which, presumably, would have included all relevant parts associated to its function.

Now compare that with the invoice below, dated 13th August 2010, from Derwick Associates to Bariven:

- $20 million USD for "GT Package (housing, control and accessories) for Rolls Royce Trent 60."

- $1.5 million USD for "Air Filter for Rolls Royce Trent 60."

- $6 million USD for "AC Generator for Rolls Royce Trent 60."

That makes a total of $27.5 million USD for each generating set, doesn't it? Derwick Associates seems to have taken the Trent 60 set apart, in order to increase final price. But the turbines were not new, but used from France. I am no energy expert, but is $27.5 million USD a fair price for a used Trent 60? Could energy experts reading this site send comments about it to

The invoice came with instructions from PDVSA Services BV's Financial Supervisor (Patricia Kamphaus) to BNP Paribas, whose staff is asked to "send an authenticated SWIFT message to Mrs. Charlene Wong" from JP Morgan to "reduce the JP Morgan Stand-By Letter of Credit CTCS-845998." This is yet another example of JP Morgan's involvement in defrauding the Venezuelan State, and there is little doubt now that this letter of intent between Bariven and Derwick Associates did translate into millions worth of deals.

I sent an email asking for comment to Pedro Trebbau. He did not reply. I also called the office of Patricia Kamphaus but could not speak to her.