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Dentons renegotiating PDVSA claim with Boies & Duker

Algamex, Bill Duker

By now, it is a fact that Bill Duker controls ALGAMEX, the shell described in the agreement between David Boies and PDVSA, as the funding source for civil litigation initiated by Boies in Florida. It is a less known fact that Boies, Duker and Ruperti have been meeting in Spain, to discuss case proceedings and funding. Less known, still, is the fact that OFAC-designated kingpin Tareck el Aissami has been giving instructions to David Syed, a Denton's lawyer from London who keeps visiting Caracas, to renegotiate with Boies and Duker a substantial increase in recovery proceeds. Venezuela's top thugs aren't happy with Boies and Duker getting 66% of the likely loot, and have threatened to derail the whole thing.

While this opera buffa takes place, the Swiss criminal probe keeps ticking along nicely. Sources familiar with the case claim that Department of Justice officials have made contact with Swiss counterparts. Soon enough Canonica Valticos de Preux and Swiss banks will be thrown in the limelight -again- due to Venezuela connections. 

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