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[UPDATED] First it shut my account, now Twitter is allowing impersonators to propagate #fakenews

Didn't even take 24 hours for somebody to register, and make a bunch of fake claims about me, this website, and my alleged actions to recover my Twitter account. I reiterate that I have decided not to seek Twitter's pardon, I will not be begging for a reactivation of my verified account, and I am waiting for Twitter's reply re my data, accumulated there since 2009. I sincerely hope Twitter will at least give me the chance to recover every last bit of content in my timeline.

UPDATE: as per Twitter's very own Terms of Service (for those users who "live in the European Union or otherwise outside the United States") I own my account's content. What's mine it's mine apparently, 10 years of work altogether, yet Twitter is not letting me download my data. Why? Can anyone provide a reasonable explanation?

UPDATE 2 September 2019: Twitter continues to refuse to even address my requests to hand over data associated to my (now permanently suspended) @alekboyd account. Any lawyers out there willing to take Twitter to account?

Twitter Terms of Service

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